SOCIAL WORKER – Free course with guarantee employment in Italy


A.C.S.I.M. Associazione Centro Servizi Immigrati Marche – Migrants Service Center Association
Fondo Sociale Europeo – European Social Fund 2006
REGIONE MARCHE – Marche Region
SOCIAL WORKER      Free course with guarantee employment in Italy
(aut. Regione Marche, Decreto Dirigenziale n.39 SIM_06 del 25.06.2007, POR Marche 2000-2006, Asse B)

The course, reserved to 10 candidates, will be held from 19 May to September 2008 in Nigeria. Six of the ten available posts are reserved to women. The lessons will last 600h of which 300h on industrial training. The lessons in Nigeria will be held at Aforonwa Comprehensive Secondary School – Amapu Ntigha – Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area, Via Aba P.A. in Abia State and on bases of 8 hours daily. At the end of the first course, an Italian language certificate (L A2) will be issued in Nigeria, while the final professional examination on social worker’s will be obtained in italy. The course participation for the entire period and travel requirements to Italy are completely free. The Ntigha stay outlay and the travelling visa are on the expense of the students.

The application form can be forwarded by those who possess the following requirements:

  • Nigerian citizenship
  • Have completed 18 years old at the moment of application
  • Secondary school Certificate

All applicants will be selected on the following priority:

  1. Educational qualification. Applicants with socio-pedagogical qualification are to be considered legible, especially those with a degree in social,
    psychological and pedagogical field.
  2. Linguistic knowledge
    – knowledge of Italian language
    – knowledge of another language apart from English. The knowledge level of English will also be part of the general judgement.
  3. Professional qualification. Applicants with previous experience in this professional field are to be considered legible.
  4. Psychological and vocational characteristics. Specific tests will be administered to applicants in order to obtain characteristics of flexibility, socialization and care.
  5. Residence in Abia State.

The application form, curriculum vitae in European form written in English or Italian and a copy of an identity document (preferably passport) with readable date must be sent to ACSIM association within April 25th, 2008 by using this two means: 1) by e-mail:, 2) by fax: +39.0733.263819.
Information: +39.0733.264913. On every fax or e-mail correctly sent, A.C.S.IM. will sent a receipt of acknowledgement with confirmation of the selection date. That acknowledgement must be presented to dr. Daniel C. Amanze on the examination day, if contrary applicants will not be allowed for selection. If applicant does not possess all the mandatory admission requirements, he/she will lose the right to participate to selection and will immediately be informed of that by e-mail. Even if the e-mail address is not clearly express, the applicant will lose every rights about the selection and the course.
IMPORTANT! It is obligatory to download the application from the website, otherwise the applicant will not have the possibility to participate selection, the course and will immediately be informed of that by e-mail.

Applicants with requirements, that apply within the above-mentioned deadlines and which have received the acknowledgement are automatically invited for the selection and must be present at 8 o’clock dot on 12 May 2008 at Aforonwa Comprehensive Secondary School – Amapu Ntigha – Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area, Via Aba P.A. in Abia State. The selection, which can last the entire daytime, is based on a personal interview and a psycho-vocational test, in order to judge the above-mentioned preferential requirements. Failure to participate the selection, even on any cause of inconvenience, will automatically lose the right to participate the course, except in case of reopening of the tender or prior to permission by Marche Region. On selection day, applicants have at disposal a copy of the acknowledgement sent by e-mail from A.C.S.I.M., a valid and original identity document and every record that can be useful to testify the mandatory and preferential requirements. Every document must be submitted to examiner in original form and in copy, that will remain to the examiner. Non original documents will not be considered by examiners. In the event of high number of applicants, selection committee can decide to judge them only through a personal interview and may prolong the selection to next day. Interviews will only be alphabetically.

Macerata (Italy) – March 20th, 2008
Dr. Daniel C. Amanze – A.C.S.I.M. President