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What is A.C.S.I.M.

A.C.S.I.M. is a noprofit association (ONLUS) established in 1997 in Italy at Macerata in the Marche Region. The association’s name means Association Center Services for Migrants in the Marche Region. The main aim of our association is to promote the foreigners living in Italy integration in the society and work places and also to encourage the each other knowledge for a multicultural “living together” in the same territory inside the Discrict, Region, Nation.

All our services, with a convention between ACSIM and Local Boards or without, aim to guarantee for the migrant citizens equal civil rights than italian citizens and to help them to have the use of all the services on our territory.

At the moment A.C.S.I.M. Association counts up seventy members with different nationalities: Marocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Camerun, Ghana, Algeria, Dominican Rep., Colombia, Perù, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Romania, Ucraina.


A.C.S.I.M. registrations


List of A.C.S.M.’s Registrations and credits in the Regional, National, International registries and rolls in compliance with regulations in force.

  • Regional Registry of Migrants Associations:
    Decree of the Director of the Servizio Politiche Sociali
    n. 149 – 02.08.1999
  • Regional Board of the Wolontary Work Associations:
    Decree of the Director of the Servizio Politiche Sociali
    n. 17 – 15.04.2003
  • Member of the Territorial Council for the Immigration:
    Decree Prefettizio Prot.n. 7190/Gab – 02.11.2004
  • Regional Board of the Associations working for Peace, Human Rights, International Cooperation:
    Decree of the Director of the Posizione di Funzione “Relazioni Internazionali e Comunitarie, Cooperazione Territoriale e Delegazione di Bruxelles”
    n. 5/RIC_12 – 30.03.2007
  • Credit for the Trainings Structure:
    Decree of the Director of the Servizio Istruzione, Formazione e Lavoro
    n. 527/S 06 – 31/10/2006
  • Registry of Boards and Associations carrying out activities for the migrants. Section I:
    Decree of the Ministry for the Solidarietà Sociale
    n. A/470/2007/MC – 07.05.2007

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