Permanent Services


A.C.S.I.M. has been trying to support the creation of help desks in order to give clear informations for specific costumers. The help desk A.C.S.I.M is open every working day of the week. The activities realized and planned during the year 2008 for immigrants are:

a) Assistance and despatch of paperworks to active information desks on the territory;

b) Helping people with the compilation of paperworks for the renewal of residency permit, applications for residency permit, applications for family reunification at the office, authorizations for working;

c) Planning appointments for giuridic advice to workers about injuries during the work (prevention, paperwoks assistance, supporting insertion);

d) Planning appointments for giuridic and administrative advice for self-employed workers who frequently incur in administrative penalties because of their misinformation about regulations, and they don’t know how to solve their problems or think about the consuquences they lead to;

e) Planning appointments for giuridic and administrative advice for foreign citizens who frequently incur in administrative penalties because they don’t know the regulations properly, and they don’t know how to solve their problems or think about the consequences they lead to;

f) Translation of useful documents for work, for family reunification, permissions…

g) Informations about immigration laws, social and medical assistance, school and vocational guidance.


All the serivces that our association supplies, both for immigrants who have a convention with the organization and for immigrants they don’t have it, are aimed to ensure the leased assets of civil rights by all the immigrant citizens in equality with italian citizens and simplify the use of services offered by the territory. The Second Welcome is a service that A.C.S.I.M. offers from 1998. In order to create this service A.C.S.I.M. was insipired to what Marche region establihed with the regional law of March, the 2nd 1998, number 2, concerning the tutelage of the right of the access to the dwelling for foreign citizens.


The 198 entries until 31/12/2006 were composed of 23 girls and 175 boys. They come from the most disparate countries. Just to state some of them: Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Marocco, Nigeria, China, Afghanistan, former Yugoslavia…

This is the situation from 2001 in ACSIM residential structures. Being a multiethnic association specialized in/focused on problems connected to immigration and the tiny number of under 18 year old italians in these years has made many social services thought of us as an assistance structure for “foreings not accompained minors”. Foreing not accompained minors are at a double disadvantage, because they are foreigns and sons of no one.

To conclude I’d like to describe breefly the solution that ACSIM has developed in oder to attract young people:

  1. Assistants who live in the same structures of the guys in order to create an atmopsphere similar to that of a “normal family”, where a father and a mother take care of their children 24 hours per day and not doing shifts!
  2. Assistans from different nationalities: because intercultural mediation is fundamental in multicultural backgrounds. This is important in order to create a connection that lead to the building of a relation based on trust.
  3. Internship courses for all the young people who don’t want or can’t be included in schooling: the internship course permites the acquisition of skills useful in the world of work.


From 1998 until 2001 ACSIM organized a huge number of courses supported by FSE. After 2002 the access to founds/resources stopped because the new protocol provided the necessity of an accreditation as Training Agency /formative at Marche region. ACSIM got this accreditation last year. However, from 2002 until 2006 ACSIM guaranteed courses of italian languages, both for 1° and 2° level, but also self-financed vocational training courses or in collaboration with FORMATEMP.


The Language and Culture Mediation service employs several immigrants staffs in the public and in the private fields, to make easier the integration for the immigrant citizens, in all the sectors of the social and working context of the receiving society.


During the year the association organizes events in order to propagate different cultures. Events are always organazied in collaboration with local istitutions: conferences, shows/exhibitions, festivals, theatrical laboratories.