Second Welcome

Since 1998 ACSIM promotes the right of access to housing for foreign nationals, accoding with the L.R. N.2/1998 (Marche Region Law) ACSIM provides: free brokerage, warranty and customer support between the immigrants and the local buildings owners. 

The need of an adequate housing is mentioned in many international treaties on human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 25), the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Article 11), the International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Article 5), the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Article 14) and the Convention on the Rights of Children (Article 27). Also the Declaration on the Right to Development contains a reference (Article 8).
The problem of the access to housing invests especially immigrants.
The availability of a healthy and dignified house is a key to the stranger, regular resident, who wishes to exercise the right to family reunification.
The path for the integration of immigrant workers, starts from the house.
The house is not only synonymous with the place in which to live, the house represents the area in which arise the first forms of social life, essential to the effective integration in the territory.
The house means not only to have a place where to reside officially, it even represents the necessary condition to access all the basic services that require any bureaucratic procedure.
Our association since 1998, inspired by the article 19 L.R. 2/1998, has established the “Second Welcome” Service and was made in the territory of Macerata to find homes and make available to immigrants (and not).
Without an adequate public administrations support to this service offered by the ACSIM to the territory is very difficult to ensure the continuation of the same.
The Second Welcome is a service delivered by the ACSIM ASSOCIATION since 1998. In designing that service the ACSIM has been guided by the provisions of the Marche Region with Regional Law 2 March 1998 No. 2 on the protection of the right of access to housing for foreign nationals.Il nostro servizio di Seconda Accoglienza é collocabile tra quelli dell’art.19 punto 4 Our service “Second Welcome” is placed between those of the Article 19 point 4.
Article 19 (Right to housing)
… .4. «The municipalities and mountain communities promote and support any other initiative aimed at increasing the availability of accommodation suitable to meet the emergency in the housing situation of the immigrants».

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